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Photo Product Name Product Number Color, Size A Unit Price Buy
50 Gearbox go-maru Gearbox
0600-010 for 540 motor 6,700Yen Buy
For Futaba/Sanwa Lever Head
For Futaba/Sanwa
0010-010 Pink
2 pieces set
930Yen Buy
0010-020 3 colors
(6 pieces set)
2,700Yen Buy
For JR Lever Head
For JR
0020-010 Short type
2pieces set
1,230Yen Buy
0020-020 Short type
2pieces set
1,230Yen Buy
0020-030 Normal type
2pieces set
1,230Yen Buy
0020-040 Pyron spec.
2pieces set
1,230Yen Buy
MD25 Diesel Fuel MD25
Diesel Fuel
0200-010 1 liter can 3,000Yen Buy
0200-020 0.5 liter can 1,600Yen Buy
Cloppeller Cloppeller
Propplla with clock
0250-010 7 inches
sports type
5,500Yen Buy
Tension system Tension system
For Futaba
0300-030 30 phi 5,200Yen Buy
0300-035 35 phi 5,300Yen Buy
0300-045 45 phi 5,500Yen Buy
Tension system
For JR
0301-030 30 phi 5,200Yen Buy
0301-035 35 phi 5,300Yen Buy
0301-045 45 phi 5,500Yen Buy
13 D R/C 13D R/C GandG
Diesel Engine
Slow flight
0400-010 Bore 15mm
Stroke 12mm
24,800Yen Buy
120 UNFL 120
Uni-flow engine
0410-010 Bore 31mm
Stroke 26.4mm
198,000Yen Buy
V8 Pocket Bike Pocket Bike
with V8 engine
0500-010 50cc
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