Pocket Bike with V type 8cylinder Water-Cooled Engine

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ポケバイ V8 Engine

Engine Data
Scale 1/4
Type 90degrees V type 8cylinder engine
Valve system OHV
Cooling system Water-Cooled
Ignition system Glow plug
Fuel Glow fuel
Starter system Self starter (battery is needed)
Displacement volume 50cc
Horse Power near 2.2HP
Manufacturer Conley Precision Engines (USA)

Pocket bike is Product-after-order. Contact us about the delivery.
We can accept your order the Pocket Bike at the price of $8500US,
including V8 engine, bike and gearbox, all completed.

Contact to Yoshikawa Corp.
9042-2 Sakaki, Sakaki-machi, Hanishina-gun, Nagano-ken
389-0601 Japan
TEL: +81-268-82-2115 FAX: +81-268-82-8254

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