Super Adapter System for COMmunication


SASCOM is designed partly and manufactured by 50products members.
SASCOM is the almighty plug-adapter for the over-sea trabelers.
SASCOM fits almost all over the world wall sockets (outlets).
SASCOM is the new-type plug adapter.
SASCOM doesn't convert the voltage.
SASCOM is designed to use the products having the Japanese plug to fit to other country's wall sockets (outlets).

SASCOM SASCOM manual (Japanese)
How to use SASCOM (Japanese)
Countries/Voltages/Plug-type (Japanese)

price: 2,300 Japanese Yen
tax: 5%
shipping: 200 Japanes Yen (only for shipping within Japan)

Shipping: Esperanza Corp.
TEL +81(268)82-0315 FAX +81(268)82-0316
249 Uwadaira, Sakaki-town, Nagano-Ken, Japan (Postal code: 389-0605)

a Patentee: Traveler House
TEL +81(26)227-2772 FAX +81(26)224-7654
1180-1 Ishidomachi Nagano-city, Nagano-Ken, Japan (Postal code: 380-0826)

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